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My name is Zeeshan Khan, and by profession I’m a Senior Software Engineer.

Check out My Online Resume which is posted as a blog with a different look, or check the PDF version.

I’ve been a computer geek since 90s, using internet for more than 10 years from now. My working experience in the world of IT is great, where I’ve learned different languages, tools, ideas etc. I started my career from an internship in a college, then moved to a software house, and now I’m working as a Software Engineer in a B2B Portal.

I have worked on different programming and web languages like Java, C#, VB, VB.Net, PHP etc. and database software like MS Access, MS SQL Server and MySQL.

I’m in very much favor of supporting and using license free software, as everyone cannot afford to get licensed ones. So always try to find some alternatives for the licensed software. This is why I’m using Linux (Ubuntu) instead of Windows. Though I’ve a good experience of using Windows, but still I prefer to use Linux, especially when you cant afford to have a licensed Windows.

Some of the Free software I use and recommend are:

Notepad Plus Plus
GIMP Image Editor
Open Office
Libre Office
Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Thunderbird
and many many more.

This is my first personal domain Webtech Query where I have decided to post web technology news, programming solutions and problems that I’m facing, Windows and Linux related software information etc.


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