Free MySql Consultant / Expert

Having issues with your MySql queries and/or database? Are your queries being stuck on your MySql database servers? Want better indexs and faster results from your MySql queries?

An Introduction to the MySql Consultant / Expert

Zeeshan Khan is one of the MySql Experts and Consultants who can help you out in resolving your queries and MySql database matters for free (at start). Having more than 7 years of experience in the management and maintenance of eCommerce website, with more than 8 million members and around 100,000 visits per day traffic, with the experience of multiple MySql database management and load balancing, Zeeshan has invested his time in resolving critical queries and making the pages load faster by optimizing the code and queries, where required.

Website Performance War

An average website takes around 5 seconds to load, whereas a good website should take 2-3 seconds in loading.
If you think your website is not performing well and it is somewhere in between average or even far away, you have to think of making it perform better to let your visitors get engaged on the website unless they change their mind and visit other websites.

Dont know exactly how long your website is taking time in loading, contact us for free consultation.

Want Your MySql Database To Perform Well?

If you want your MySql database(s) to perform well and incrase your sales / targets, feel free to contact MySql Expert / Consultant and have a discussion on how we can help you in performing better.

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