How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 i9000 / i9005

To root your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 i9000 / i9005 phone, three things are required from your end.

  1. Make sure USB Drivers are installed for your device, else download and install Samsung Kies
  2. Odin
  3. Recovery (here we will use TWRP)

Download Odin

You can download Odin from one of the following websites:

Download TWRP

Next you need to have TWRP, make sure to download the tar extension file and not the zip:

Steps To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 3 i9000 / i9005

After successfully downloading all of the aforementioned files, follow the steps below:

  1. Power off your phone properly, and then Press Volume Down + Home + Power buttons for a while, unless you see a Warning screen
  2. Now press the Volume Up button to continue and you will see the Green Android guy
  3. Open up Odin (preferable is to run the application to Run as Administrator, by choosing the method by right clicking on the Odin.exe file)
  4. Connect your phone to your computer (Windows may find and install the drivers of your device after you’re connected to the computer, so let it do so)
  5. In Odin, you will see ID:COM section becomes yellow or blue, giving you signal that your device has been successfully detected by Odin
  6. If not, then try to re-install the drivers of your device through Kies and/or while connecting your phone to the computer and let Windows install and detect your device in Download mode
  7. Now, in Odin, click on the AP button and choose the TWRP file you have downloaded
  8. Uncheck the Auto Reboot option
  9. Make sure Re-Partition option is unchecked
  10. Click on Start button, and wait for a few seconds or minutes to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 i9000 / i9005
  11. After successful installation, you will get a message of successful installation. You can now remove the USB cable, power off the mobile, probably by putting off the battery and putting it on again, and once done, make your phone ON by pressing and holding Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together to start into Recovery Mode  / TWRP.

If you see the TWPR Recovery screen then congrats, you’re done and successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 i9000 / i9005.
Now restart the phone by choosing the Reboot option and enjoy your rooted Note 3.

Share your concerns, suggestions or feedback regarding aforementioned method of rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 i9000 / i9005.

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