Windows Alternative, Windows XP Alternative, Free Linux Operating System

If you are looking for a Windows Alternative or Windows XP Alternative, then you can find various Operating Systems, from which some of them are free, like Free Linux Operating Systems etc.

Out of those free linux operating systems, Ubuntu is one of the best and of course free linux operating system, which could be used as a Windows alternative.

Ubuntu – Windows Alternative

If you are a Windows user, and you are looking for a free, and easy to use Operating System, which you can use as a Windows alternative, then Ubuntu could be the best alternative.

Ubuntu Features

Some of the good features of Ubuntu are listed below:

1. Its Free

2. Supports the feature to Try Ubuntu Without Installation

3. Easy to install

4. Easy to use as a Windows alternative

5. Easy to find free alternatives to Windows paid and free software


Software For Ubuntu

If you want to say No to piracy, then Ubuntu is the first step to move to the free operating system. But after moving to a free operating system, you will be needing different software for Ubuntu. As moving from Windows to Ubuntu, you will also be needing the alternate software, which you can use in Ubuntu.

Following is the link of few listed Ubuntu software, which you can use as alternative to Windows software:

Software For Ubuntu:

Ubuntu Official Website

To find out more about Ubuntu, you can check out the Ubuntu official website at:

You can find various posts on the Ubuntu here, for different How Tos, Problems and their Solutions etc. at:

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  1. I would think an “alternative” to be something similar that windows users could easily use. Ubuntu isn’t
    anything like windows. Something much more appropriate would be Linux Mint that i at least setup to
    resemble a windows layout, or R4W a “Replacement for Windows” which is designed to take the place of windows.

    At least give them a look.

  2. im using ubuntu linux now and i want to install windows 7 too,but the disk space isn’t enough for that and i need to resize my harddisk space to reserve a space for my windows 7.what should i do?

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