Startup Applications Ubuntu / Linux

If you are unable to find the Startup Applications program for adding the software you need to get started right after loading your Ubuntu, or you want to remove the current running applications from the Ubuntu Startup, then here’s the solution.

Open Startup Applications Ubuntu / Linux

Simply goto System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications. You will find the Additional Startup Programs list in the Start Programs tab. You can check and uncheck the listed applications, you want to add or remove from your Ubuntu Startup.
If you want to add your other programs in the Startup of Ubuntu, not listed in the Additional Startup Programs list, you can add then easily through the following method.

How To Add A Startup Application In Ubuntu

Click on the Add button in the Start Programs tab, which will open up a new pop-up window. Simply fill in the Name, Command and (the optional) Comments fields there.

If you dont know how to give Command or how to fill the Command field while adding the new applications in your Start Programs, then follow the steps below.

How To Add Command / What To Write In Command

For example, if you want to start Spreadsheet to run as your Startup Applications, then open your Run Applications window (Alter + F2), and write in the name like A list will appear below, in Show list of known applications . Now select Spreadsheet by clicking once (single clicking) on it. After clicking on it, you will notice that the text field on the top, where u wrote Openoffice wil be replaced with ooffice -calc . This is what actually is the Command name of Openoffice. Now simply copy that text ooffice -calc, and paste it there in the Command field of Start Programs window.

How To Remove A Startup Application In Ubuntu

To remove the Applications from Ubuntu Startup, simply goto the Start Programs tab of Startup Applications as mentioned above, in Open Startup Applications Ubuntu / Linux. Choose the application from the Additional Startup Programs list, and uncheck or delete it by clicking on the Remove button.

Hope this will help you adding or removing the applications from Ubuntu Startup Applications.

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