Mozilla Firefox, Firefox Features, Firefox Addons

From the new web browsers out there, Firefox is a more faster, less buggy, and advanced browser, as compared to others.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the great browsers I’ve ever seen, while on second number I like Google Chrome. But Firefox actually is the best, because of so many things, from which I will try to explain some of them below.

Firefox Features

  • It is Free, and could be downloaded very easily
  • It supports multiple platforms or multiple operating systems like Windows, Ubuntu, Linux etc., even its mobile versions are also on the go.
  • It supports addons, extensions, themes etc.
  • It is much lighter in weight as compared to Internet Explorer.

Firefox Extensions / Firefox Addons

The support for addons and extensions in Firefox is another great feature of Firefox, which may have supported Firefox in getting more popular in the world of web. Through Firefox Addons, many of ours browser life will get much easy and simple. As there are thousands of addons, which could be easy for a Progammer / Developer, a QA, an SEO expert, a Business men, a Grafix guy etc. etc.

From many of the addons in Firefox, I’m listing below some, which may be useful to all of us.

ImgLikeOpera: It will give you the option of not loading the images while loading any webpage, or only load the cache images, or even the user defined filters as well, which will make your browsing more fast.
AdBlock Plus: It will let you block any of the frames, images etc. in any webpage, so that the next time you load the page, that image will be blocked automatically. Again it is a good tool for making your browsing faster.
FlashBlock: It will completely block all the flash files (swf, flv etc) from any page you visit. And will show you the play button in every flash, clicking on it will enable that flash for you to start loading.
Search Status: It will show you the webpage or website rankings, that what Google PageRank has ranked the current webpage or website, and even the Alexa Rating like what Alexa has ranked the current page you are visiting.
TableTools: It will help you providing features of filtering and sorting your web reports, like in MS Excel, OpenOffice SpreadSheet etc. and you can have same type of functionality in websites or webpages.
LinkChecker: It will help you counting the number of total links in a webpage as well as the status of working and non-working links existing in a webpage.
FireFTP: It will let you upload and download files from and to your FTP server, without needing any additional software.

Even there are many more like WebDeveloper, Colorzilla, Firebug, Gmail, Hotmail Alerts and Notifications, Sending and Receiving of Twitter Messages etc.

Download Firefox and Its Plugins

For downloading Firefox, goto the official website of Firefox or Mozilla and get the latest version of Firefox from there.

For the addons and extensions, goto the FireFox Addons website, and search for the plugins over there to get them.

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