MSN Messenger Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora

While finding MSN Messenger for Linux / Ubuntu, I found different software, where I found aMSN. But another alternative has been found, which is, in my view, much better than aMSN, as it feels you like you are using Windows MSN Messenger.


Emesene (Em Es Ene) is the one of the best alternative to MSN Messenger after aMSN. If you are addicted to MSN Messenger Windows, then you will find this alternative very good to use, which will make you feel like you are using MSN in Windows.

Download & Install emesene

If you are using Ubuntu, then you can simply goto

System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

And find the package or software as “emesene“
and start using emesene, after successfully installing it from Synaptic Package Manager.

Official website of emesene has been down now, so you may use Google to find out any alternative for its installation files, otherwise go for aMSN as above.

emesene is also available and could be downloaded and installed for Windows, MAC OS X.

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