How To Install Device Manager For Ubuntu / Linux

After searching for the Device Manager in Ubuntu, I got to know that there is no built in Device Manager installed in Ubuntu, where you can have a list of hardware devices installed in your system.

Install Device Manager For Ubuntu / Linux

You have to install GNOME Device Manager, to have a list of your installed hardware devices.

Install GNOME Device Manager

To install GNOME Device Manager, simply goto the terminal ( Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal ) and enter:

sudo apt-get install gnome-device-manager

or goto

System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager

And find the package or software “gnome-device-manager
and start using Device Manager, after successfully installing it from Synaptic Package Manager.

Thats it.

You can now use your Linux Device Manager, which could be easily found at:

Applications -> System Tools -> Device Manager

or writing the command gnome-device-manager in your Terminal.

Uninstall / Remove Applications Ubuntu

If you want to remove applications from Ubuntu, please follow the post below:
Uninstall / Remove Applications Ubuntu

  1. 1. its free, you dont need to waste your money to get this ubuntu operating system. its free of charge..!
    2. its free of virus , something that you dont get on windows.
    3. linux make you smart, its force you to know “how its work” not only ” how to use”

  2. Typical Linux crap. How on earth can anyone consider an OS any good, when it doesnt come with the most basic of tools – a hardware manager of some sort.
    i’ve just installed ubuntu. And none of your instructions work !!!!!

    As Ubuntu 12lts is much much SLOWER than XP i’m going back.
    what a waste of time this linux is

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