Mozilla Thunderbird, Free Alternative to Outlook

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Outlook, for Windows, Linux etc.
Just like Open Office as an alternative to Microsoft Office, you can now move to Mozilla Thunderbird as an alternate to Microsoft Outlook.

Why to use Mozilla Thunderbird ?

  • Its free
  • Its far more light weight than Outlook
  • It supports add-ons, plugins, themes, even calendar for reminders etc.
  • It now supports tabbing, means now you can open your emails in new tabs, instead of new windows.
  • It supports different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc.
  • It supports feature to import your Outlook settings to Mozilla Thunderbird
  • And many more

Download Thunderbird

Check out the latest version of Thunderbird on its official website:
Thunderbird Official Website

Thunderbird Calendar, Lightning Calendar

Thunderbird also supports Calendar known as Lightning Calendar, which is actually an extension for Thunderbird, you have to install explicitly. Through Lightning Calendar, you will be able to manage your daily schedule tasks or events, directly within Thunderbird.

Check out the following website to download Lightning Calendar or search for it on Mozilla :
Lightning Calendar

You can also sync your Thunderbird Calendar with Google Calendar through Provider for Google Calendar addon. For details on Thunderbird Add-ons, check out the next topic.

Thunderbird Add-ons & Themes

Like Mozilla Firefox add-ons and themes, Mozilla Thunderbird also supports different add-ons and themes to make your Thunderbird more powerful, and advanced.
Check out the Official Mozilla Addons website for Thunderbird:
Thunderbird Addons

Give it a try and you will enjoy using Thunderbird as an alternative to Microsoft Outlook. If you have something to say or want to share your experience, advantages or disadvantages of using Thunderbird, or any other free alternative to Thunderbird, post your comments here.

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  1. My biggest beef with thunderbird which I have been using for years is that you cannot right-click a message or group of messages and “move to new folder” action that can be found in just about any other email client. I have waited so long and nothing. I understand TB wants to stick to “tags” but I don’t like tags because it leads to a crowded folder/directory. Let me give an example of what I am talking about. I sort my now huge inbox. I highlight all the messages that meet a certain criteria (sender, account etc) then right-click dropdown select “move to new folder” from the list of existing folders. A box opens allowing me to give that new folder a name, I select enter and all the highlighted messages are now in the new folder. Simple. In TB you must go first make a folder then “simply” (as mozilla says) drag and drop the message(s) to the newly made folder. I would just rather create the folder on the fly as I am organizing the messages. Just like every other client out there. I am looking for an alternative and that is why I stopped by here.

  2. It did not ask me to import settings. & when i manually try to import, it gives error that some settings may not be imported correctly.

  3. Yes, of course you can. All you have to do is install Thunderbird in your office computer and while installing or starting Thunderbird on the first time, it will ask you if you want to migrate data of Outlook into Thunderbird. And after accepting the migration process, just start up the Thunderbird and Add an account, where you have to provide the Server Settings, Login and Password etc. same like in Outlook, and thats it.
    Let me know if you find any problems in migrating to Thunderbird from Outlook.

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