Disable Images In Google Chrome

After finding many of the extensions and add-ons for Google Chrome, I got to know that finding Google Chrome Extensions for disabling images is quite difficult as compared to make it disable directly from the Chrome options.

How To Disable Images In Google Chrome

For Disabling the images from Google Chrome, simply click on the Toolbar icon, choose Options.
Goto the Third Tab “Under The Hood“, and choose Content settings. There, choose the option Do not show any images and Close the window by pressing the Close button.

You can also use Exceptions button, where you can put your whitelisted websites, so that the images will not be blocked by hitting those whitelist URLs.

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  1. because there’s no plugin i found out good way to enable/disable them easily.

    1) open this table: chrome://settings/content
    2) right click on tab, than click on “pin tab”
    3) done, settings with enabling/disabling images will be there when you start chrome

  2. No such link as content settings in “UNDER THE HOOD”. All i can find is web content having language settins and gears. Am i using an outdated version of chrome or what. it says

    it’s a magic!
    i very thankful to u for this guidance.


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